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Erectile Dysfunction

Male Erectile Disorder known more commonly as Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get or to maintain an erection.  Erectile Disorder may also involve a lessened or absent sense of excitement or pleasure.

The reason for this may be due to a number of psychological, physiological, relationship or situational factors.  If you have erection difficulties, you come from a very large group of men!

While any problem with sex is upsetting for a man, nothing generates more anxiety, shame and even terror as the inability to get or maintain erections. Men have been taught to tie their self respect to the upward mobility of their penises, and when they do not rise to the occasion, they complain that they no longer feel like men. As a result of their erectile difficulties, men often report that they are embarrassed, discouraged, depressed and even suicidal.

Once it has been established by a GP or Urologist that the problem is not a physiological one, a Psychosexual Therapist can then help to explore the psychological, relational and situational factors that may be attributing to your erectile difficulties.

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