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Ejaculatory Difficulties

There are a few ejaculatory disorders with premature or early ejaculation being the most common male sexual problem.  Premature ejaculation occurs when the man does not have voluntary conscious control or the ability to choose, in most encounters, when to ejaculate and experiences his orgasm too early, either before intercourse or very soon after penetration.

On the other end of the spectrum is Male Orgasmic Disorder which used to be known as delayed or retarded ejaculation.  This is when the man suffers an inability to ejaculate during penetrative sex.  Some men do manage to ejaculate eventually but it can take so long that intercourse can become painful for both parties.  This already distressing condition has further frustration for the couple who are trying to concieve.

Retrograde ejaculation is a rarer type of ejaculation problem. It happens when sperm travels backwards and enters the bladder instead of coming out of the end of the urethra (the tube through which urine passes). Symptoms of this would be ejaculating only a very small amount of semen and the passing of cloudy urine.

There are medications to assist premature ejaculation/early ejaculation (some anti-depressants called SSRIs), which can delay ejaculation, however, psychosexual therapy should also be considered and can help a great deal.

Psychosexual therapy/counselling is also recommended for Male Orgasmic Disorder (delayed ejaculation) as there is currently no medication for this condition which is considered to be of psychological origin.

Retrograde ejaculation is an organic (physical) condition which is does not cause harm to the body and does not inhibit a sexual sex life.  However, it would obviously be a problem for those trying to concieve. This condition cannot be help by Psychosexual therapy.

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