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Some of my clients have written testimonials or made comments that they have been happy for me to put on this page. I never use surnames and nothing is ever put on this page unless the client is happy about it.  I follow a strict code of ethics and confidentiality is respected and assured at all times.

Here are just a few of the many that I have received:

"Dear Carol, you have achieved wonders! I cannot thank you enough for everything! This is the first week of my new life and I couldn’t be more happy and looking forward to an exciting future." 


"Carol, as explained to you originally my fear of flying had ruined family holidays for me for years by both filling me with dread leading up to the holiday and then ruining most of the actual holiday with the thought of flying home. My doctor eventually had to prescribe sedatives to enable me to get on a plane. The sick bag on the plane turned into a bag that I had to hold over my face for the majority of the flight and breathe in to in a bid to calm my panic attack much to the amusement and wonder of the passengers around only encouraging my complete embarrassment on top of crippling fear. I decided enough was enough when the realisation that not only was I ruining my own holiday but that my family had started to dread their holidays because of me. I thought I was beyond help but after seeing you my life has changed. I got on the plane easily, did not have to be held into the seat and although did not love flying I no longer felt any fear. I had the most fantastic holiday and am now looking forward to the next one.  Thank you so much!"

Stephen (and my family!) 

"Carol, I was recently recommended to you by a friend who assured me I would be in safe and very capable hands with you and she was right. The moment I met you, you made me feel at ease and yet your professionalism was clear to see. The most interesting part for me was that, what I thought my problem was actually wasn’t my real problem and after you helping me to discover the underlying cause and then working to rectify it I feel like a whole new me. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to all of my friends."

Name withheld for privacy at client's request.

"Carol, I was initially reluctant to try hypnotherapy as it sounded scary, but after hearing many good things I decided that you should try anything once. My life was ruled by OCDs which were making me miserable and ruining my life. With your help I have been able to eliminate all but two and am working on these last two now. You have changed my life for the better and those around me who I was beginning to affect. It wasn't scary at all and I am now hypnotherapy's no1 fan."


"Carol, Thank you for everything. It's great to feel like me again."


"You have changed my daughter’s life and as a result you have changed mine. Your help has been invaluable!"

Name withheld for privacy at client's request.

"Thank you Carol, you have been really helpful and I have a different view on things now. The glass is now half full!"


Psychosexual Therapy

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Couples Therapy

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Helping with NPL, CBT Relationship Counselling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Psychosexual Therapy

"You have achieved wonders! I cannot thank you enough for everything! This is the first week of my new life and I couldn’t be more happy and looking forward to an exciting future."
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