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Forget swinging watches, deep sleep, and having your mind controlled. That is the work of Stage hypnotists who very often have their subjects clucking like chickens and such like, purely for the entertainment of an audience.

Hypnotherapy is simply therapy whilst you are in a state of Hypnosis (deep relaxation). Hypnosis is the place between complete wakefulness and sleep. It’s like the semi-conscious state you are in when you are daydreaming. You naturally experience hypnosis numerous times throughout the day, when you are waking up and just before you fall asleep.  Often, when you are driving, watching television or reading, you may be unaware of your surroundings and just be in a world of your own.  In these moments you are in a natural state of hypnosis.

In this comfortable relaxed state your subconscious awareness is heightened and your conscious mind can rest. Your therapist can then effectively but gently deliver positive suggestions for change to your subconscious mind. The list below may give you some idea of the range of issues that Hypnotherapy may help you with. However, it is by no means exhaustive. If the problem that concerns you is not listed here, please contact me.

Low Self Esteem / Lack of Confidence / Anxiety/ Fear / Panic Attacks /Phobias (fear of flying, spiders etc.)/ Stress / Weight Issues /Stopping Smoking / Depression / Insomnia / Addictions / Unwanted Behaviours / Habits / Relationship Problems / Childbirth / Obsessive Thoughts / OCDs / Infertility / Bereavement / Loss / Anger Management / Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) / Compulsive Behaviours / Sports Performance / Work Performance / Eating Disorders / Sexual Problems / Difficult Childhood Experiences / Exam Nerves / Driving Tests / Public Speaking / Migraine Limiting Beliefs About Yourself/ Headaches / Trauma / Lack of Motivation / Goal Achievement / Pain / Asthma / Eczema / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Unpleasant Life Experiences / Worry / Reclaiming your true self/Cutting ties and breaking free.

Psychosexual Therapy

What is Hypnosis? Can everyone be Hypnotised? Hypnotherapy Specialist in Hampshire

Many people find talking about their sex lives quite difficult, especially when it’s not working well for them. Individuals, who may have been living with sexual...
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Couples Therapy

Professional Counsellor for Psychosexual Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Relationship Counselling, EFT .

Whatever sort of relationship you are in, whatever difficulties you may be experiencing; Couples therapy helps you to verbalise, explore and resolve those difficulties...
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Helping with NPL, CBT Relationship Counselling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Psychosexual Therapy

"You have achieved wonders! I cannot thank you enough for everything! This is the first week of my new life and I couldn’t be more happy and looking forward to an exciting future."
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